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Work Samples

Explore some of my projects in this section. Samples on the blog represent writings that I have done or tools I have developed for academicRead More

Screen Shot of Online APL Tool


Below are examples of media presentations that I have made. Using an LMS and Captivate to Collect Data Here is a project that I haveRead More

Design Tools

Below are some of the design tools that I use. Feel free to explore them and see how they work for you. Better Multiple ChoiceRead More

Exam Item Data Tool

How to Read Exam Item Data

You gave the exam.   You anxiously await to see how students did.   Did your students learn what you thought they learned?   Did your exam reallyRead More

Level-Up Field Day

This is a collaborative project where I wrote a project-based lesson plan with Elinor Hannum, Brittani Havenaar, and Ashley Taglauer. The project taught area andRead More

Fruits and Veggies

In this post, I am considering how to create a math activity that promotes social justice. As stated in Gutstein (2003), “An important principle ofRead More

Module Planner

This is a unit planner that I use to develop learning modules. I began with Understanding by Design as a framework. But made certain alterationsRead More

image of Assessment Design Checklist

Assessment Design Checklist

This assessment design checklist is used to assess an assessment. The checklist includes the key questions one should ask when evaluating an assessment along withRead More

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