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Screen Shot of Online APL Tool

Below are examples of ways to use tech tools in your teaching and assessment

Getting Start with iClicker Cloud

This video made with Camtasia is designed to get faculty started with iClicker Cloud. It goes through the question types and shows both the instructor and student views

An Introduction to Zoom Breakout Rooms

This ten minute training on Zoom Breakout Rooms should give you the tools you need to start integrating Zoom Breakout Rooms into your pedagogical toolbox.

Clickable link to blog post on Zoom Breakout Rooms

Where SharePoint and Teams Meet

This (ca. 10 minute) interactive training shows you how SharePoint and Teams are connected, and how to manage files in both.

link to content on sharepoint and teams

Out with the Inbox: Replacing Emails with Teams Chat

When used effectively, Teams should minimize the number of emails and email chains you get involved in. Here are a few easy ways to use Teams chat more effectively. 

image link to blog post

OneDrive, SharePoint, & Teams: What is the Difference?

Ah..the age-old question: what’s the difference between OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Teams? Hopefully, this quick tutorial created in Adobe Captivate will help you learn the difference between these powerful tools.

Clickable link to online tutorial on Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive

Using an LMS and Captivate to Collect Data

Here is a project that I have been working on at a state university. The challenge is to collect quality data from prospective students using the school’s LMS

Screen Shot of Online APL Tool

A Chrome Hack that Can Help Students with ADHD

E-learning platforms require students to work independently. Students at-risk for ADHD may struggle with maintaining their focus on course content presented electronically. Googles high-contrast mode may help.

Google homescreen in high contrast mode

A New Reading Assessment

This is formative assessment that I made using LiveCode. It is designed to give teachers a base reading level at the beginning of the school year. It gives a basic benchmark of the students reading level as well as information on the students attitudes and habits in reading. The videos below demonstrate the reading lab application. The heading above links to the large post on this project, including a link to a downloadable prototype.

Escape from the Divisor: Learning Math for Understanding Using Twine

This is an gamified assessment-as-learning that I made in Twine. This project showed me how using a simple tool like Twine, a little CSS and JavaScript, I could make an engaging eLearning module that teaches a concept that is challenging to understand: dividing fractions. You can read all about the project here.

Or you can play the game here.

Screenshot 2018-08-05 22.59.01

Comparing 6/9 and 5/8 using Drumbot and Audacity

Fractions are weird and hard to get a handle on. This screen cast explores some interesting ways to play with different fractions

Image of Audacity Screen

Save the Colony: Robots in 8th Grade Math

The goal of my lesson plan is to give students an engaging problem to solve using EV3 robots and 8th-grade math concepts, especially the Pythagorean theorem.

Bridging the Gap

This was a significant group project in my Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice course at Michigan State. My group took on the achievement gap. Our solution was an application called Bridging the Gap an application that would coordinate student performance on key standard with teacher generated resource. In addition to working through the design process with my group, I contributed the animation below, created in Adobe Captivate.

Using EV3 Robots to Explore Ratios

This is a lesson plan that I wrote for my Master’s degree that uses EV3 Robots to explore ratios. Did I mention that it involves Trick-or-Treating. The accompanying blog post explores the concepts of TPACK and the creative use of found materials.

computer, ev3 robot, and related books and hardware

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