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Valentines Day Challenge!

It is Valentines Day and Ty (or whatever your turtles name is) wants to send a message.

In order to do so, he needs a couple of special methods:

write – this is the command that has the turtle print words on the screen. Here is how it works.

Ty says howdy

But this is really too small. We can make the font larger by adding some additional parameters (those are the things in () s).

By adding the font parameter, we can determine how large the type is. Note: Arial is a style of font. There are many styles of font, but not all are supported by your browser (Chrome) or the software (Python Turtle Graphics-technically, TKinder)

You can change the color of the message, by changing the color of the turtle

Red turtle, red message

But what is you want to move around the screen? You use the direction commands we have used, or you can move the turtle by coordinates (x,y) using the goto method.

Ty goes to 100,100 to share his message

We can get rid of the line by using penup() and pendown()

Now it is your turn make a card and share it in the comments below.

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