Artifact 7: Philosophy of Education


Primary Alignments:

Standard 1: Throughout the philosophy, I reflect on my experience and future plans for effectively teaching students of diverse backgrounds.

Standard 3: This paper outlines an approach to administration and the construction of broad curriculum structures that will promote quality learning.

Standard 4: This is a review of what I have done and how I can improve moving forward.

Standard 5: This is a concise presentation of my philosophy of education.

Goal 1: This is a considered reflection of the things that I believe about teaching informed by in class readings and reflections.

Secondary Alignments:

Standard 2: There is significant reflection on practice and curriculum design

Standard 6: Much of the discussion in the philosophy includes discussion of the relationships between teachers and administrators in the creation of a fruitful learning community.

Goal 2: There is reflection on best practices and my teaching.

Goal 3: This paper represents a commitment to the development and refinement of education practice across communities of educators.

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