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This is my portfolio for Michigan State Universities Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum program.

It represents course work completed in the process of completing my degree including a Certificate in Education Technology and a concentration in Science and Mathematics Education. 

My synthesis paper can be read here.

Below are links to each artifact (the links are the same in the synthesis paper).

Each page has the rationales for program standards and goals aligned to each artifact. There is a link back to this page at the bottom of each page.

Below is a graphic of the rationals for artifact alignment with standards and goals. Checkmarks indicate a primary (high-level) alignment, while filled circles indicate a partial (low-level) alignment. 

Links to Artifacts

Artifact 1 – Bridging the Gap

Artifact 2 – Reading Lab/How I Feel About Reading

Artifact 3 – More Than a Game

Artifact 4 – 3-digit Subtraction Formative Assessment

Artifact 5 – Escape from the Divisor

Artifact 6 – Paper II: The Value of Feedback

Artifact 7 – Philosophy of Education

Artifact 8 – Field Day Lesson Plan & Lesson Study

Artifact 9 – Next Generation Science Lesson Plan

Artifact 10 – Mission to Mars

Artifact 11 – Take a Robot Trick-or-treating

Artifact 12 – Save the Colony

Artifact 13 – Python Pre-Algebra

Artifact 14 – Visual Ethnography of a Classroom

Artifact 15 – Letter to the Family

Artifact 16 – Assessment Design Checklist 

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