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This is a space for me to write, pontificate, and share my thoughts on the world of pedagogy.

Two Things to Not Do When Moving Your Course Online

We’re here. Whether you started classes already, or your school really gets up and running after Labor Day, the vast majority of educators are being forced to teach online. In preparing to teach your course online, you have no doubt found plenty of advice about teaching online. It is overwhelming and much of it is not particularly helpful. As we all go through this together, I will try to provide some insights and tips on this page. To start, I will give you two pieces of advice to start: Click to continue

Jazz Musicians, Chess Masters, and Teachers

A personal reflection on the process of learning and the differences between expert and novice learners.

Chess board. Image links to blog post

Course Design Based on Three Learning Theories

This paper was written in fulfillment of Quality Matters Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies course. This course, had me examine many practices that I used through the lens of learning theories. To began I selected a course that I taught many times at the Collegiate Level: Fundamentals of Music. I explored models for teaching the course based on behavioralist, cognitivist, and constructivist models. I also wrote on the differences between pedagogy and andragogy, as well as, strategies for promoting engagement and motivation.

The full paper can be read here.

Power to the People: Google Classroom

This is my reflection on an experiment to create a formative mathematics assessment in Google classroom

A home screen on Google Classroom

My (Long) Life with Blackboard

This is a blog post I wrote reflecting on this stalwart LMS.

Network Learning in the Pool

Can you learn complex skills exclusively through research on the internet. This was an experiment I did where I tried to learn how to swim using only open online resources like Youtube and Reddit. I found you can learn a lot online, but it really helps to get advise and feedback from experts.

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Stereotype Threat in Education

Is your learning environment identity safe? Does it matter? This post explores stereotype threat and how as educators and curriculum designers we may be unknowingly promoting inequality.

Mash It Up

Creativity is seen a key “21st century skill”. But how to we think creatively? Is there a systematic way to think creatively? TPACK Mashups represent an opportunity to bring some form to creative thinking.

T-PACK masher application opening screen, this image links to a blog post

Master’s Portfolio

book links to portfolio
Book Old Used by Pesibear url:

If you really want a deep dive into my views on constructivism, pedagogy, and how to make learning meaningful and transformational, check out my MSU master’s portfolio.

Fruits and Veggies

One of my passions is healthful eating. When working with at-risk students I tried to share with them a wide variety of healthy snacks (falafel and dried mangos were class favorites). This blog post was written as part of a mathematics lesson plan to explore the disparity of food availability in various communities.

link to blog post

Michael Phelps, Flat Earthers, & Home Depot Employees

What could these things possibly have to do with each other? Read to find out.

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