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image of TinkerCAD creation

Explore some of my projects in this section. Samples on the blog represent writings that I have done or tools I have developed for academic institutions. Out of respect for these institutions, I have removed the names of the schools where possible.

Reading Exam Item Data

One thing I have found that really helps faculty is being able to really dig into exam item data. I developed the following tool as a way to help faculty read exam item statistics.

Exam Item Data Tool

Course Design Based on Three Learning Theories

This paper was written in fulfillment of Quality Matters Connecting Learning Theories to Your Teaching Strategies course. This course, had me examine many practices that I used through the lens of learning theories. To began I selected a course that I taught many times at the Collegiate Level: Fundamentals of Music. I explored models for teaching the course based on behavioralist, cognitivist, and constructivist models. I also wrote on the differences between pedagogy and andragogy, as well as, strategies for promoting engagement and motivation.

The full paper can be read here.

Save the Colony: Robots in 8th Grade Math

A middle school math lesson plan where robots are used to help students discover the pythagorean theorem.

Taking a Robot Trick-or-Treating

In this short activity we calculate the formula for circumference and ratios to help a EV3 robot friend go trick-or-treating

Making a Colony on Mars

A lesson plan that I wrote on making a colony on Mars. The goal was to blend thinking about economics while learning to work in TinkerCAD.

image of TinkerCAD creation

Level-up Field Day´╗┐

I loved field day a a student, and I loved it as a teacher. This is a project-based math lesson plan that has students design their own field day.

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